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COH LogoWelcome to the Official Website of Children of Hoarders™ Inc., a not-for profit organization made up of volunteer COH, dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of the unique challenges facing children of hoarders™ while helping them to support themselves and each other.

In our 8th year online connecting COH on our site, and in our Yahoo Group!

Finally Talking About The Family Secret.
Your voices matter and you have been heard.


A message from Jason:

Featured on the 11/30/09 Season 2, episode 1 of A&E’s HOARDERS



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Poster: The Hoarder's Daughter

Powerful Short Film by a Child of a Hoarder

Part documentary and part performance, The Hoarder’s Daughter provides a compassionate window into the life of a rural hoarder. It explores the death of the videographer’s father and the 800,000 pounds of garbage he left behind. (Running time 10:15) A note of caution: this video includes images showing the aftermath of a fatal house fire …

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Buried in Treasures, 2nd. Ed.

Spokane “Buried in Treasures” Workshop Series Begins May 7, 2014

Note: This workshop is aimed primarily at “helping those with hoarding disorder dig their way out of the clutter and chaos of their homes.” As such, it is not necessarily aimed at children of hoarders (COH), but we believe that many COH may be interested in the “Buried in Treasures” approach to reducing the role …

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