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Welcome to the Official Website of Children of Hoarders Inc.!

  • We’re a grassroots, all-volunteer, not-for profit organization made up of adult children of hoarders.
  • We’re dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of the unique challenges facing children of hoarders, while helping them to support themselves and each other.
  • Working together, we believe that we can improve the lives of children from hoarded homes.
  • We’re in our 8th year online, connecting COH through this website, through our Facebook page, and through our Yahoo Group!

Finally Talking About The Family Secret…

Your voices matter, and you have been heard.

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Please Support Children of Hoarders

For many of us, and its Yahoo! group were the first places where we found people who understand what it feels like to be a child of a hoarder. These were the first places we found out that we weren’t alone. Since 2006, these resources have been moderated by a team of volunteers, coordinated and supported by Children of …

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Children of Hoarders Panel at ICD 2014 Conference

[important]Note: If you’d like to share information about this post on social media, please use the #ICD2014 hashtag.[/important] Last year, at the 2013 annual conference of the Institute for Chronic Disorganization (ICD), Dr. Suzanne Chabaud presented an overview of her research and her experiences working with children of hoarders (COH). There was a lot of …

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