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Welcome to the Official Website of Children of Hoarders Inc.!

  • We’re a grassroots, all-volunteer, not-for profit organization made up of adult children of hoarders.
  • We’re dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of the unique challenges facing children of hoarders, while helping them to support themselves and each other.
  • Working together, we believe that we can improve the lives of children from hoarded homes.
  • We’re in our 8th year online, connecting COH through this website, through our Facebook page, and through our Yahoo Group!

Finally Talking About The Family Secret…

Your voices matter, and you have been heard.

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Hartford, Connecticut: Research & Treatment Opportunity for Excessive Clutter

The Anxiety Disorders Center at the Institute of Living at Hartford Hospital currently is conducting clinical research for people with Hoarding Disorder. Adults who have (or appear to have) Hoarding Disorder and might be able to participate in the research program are invited to review these materials for more information: Research & Treatment Opportunity for Excessive Clutter …

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Rose Edmunds, Author

“Concealment” – A Book with a COH Hero…and a Generous Author!

We’re grateful to Rose Edmunds, who has pledged to contribute 50% of the royalties from her new book, CONCEALMENT, to Children of Hoarders, Inc! From Rose: “This isn’t just shameless self-promotion (although I will own up to an element of that!). My new psychological thriller, CONCEALMENT, is now available on Amazon in paperback and ebook. The …

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