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For Hoarding Tendencies/Clutterers

Fly Lady (Finally Learning to Love Yourself)
This site will help with establishing household routines & more!  Start with their BABY STEPS.


 A very supportive online community for those stepping out of squalor, messiness and/or cluttering. 


 Unclutterer is the blog about getting and staying organized. A place for everything, and everything in its place is our gospel.




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  • Kristi Meyer

    I am a Certified Professional Organizer, hold all Level I Certificates from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) and level II Specialist in Chronic Disorganization & Hoarding.  I have been given the go ahead  to use Buried in Treasures and the accompanying workbook for a virtual hoarding group.  The program will be basically “doing the book.”  I am going to have a message board for members to converse, a 1 hour webinar for the group weekly and the option of emailing me once a week.  The program will last for 6 months.  Debbie Stanley will be a guest therapist and we will cross-refer as needed.  I believe the program is going to be great. 

    “Compassionate Help for Compulsive Hoarding.” Coming to “The House that Clutter Built” with Kristi Meyer, CPO® & Level II ICD Hoarding and Chronic Disorganization specialist, in February: New Virtual Membership Group for people who hoard. The membership group is titled “Compassionate Help for Compulsive Hoarding.”I will be accepting email requests at messwithus@comcast.net for questions and pre-sign up. This will be a time-released group. If you or someone you know wants help, the first group will begin in February. The next group would start up in April.  I’m really excited about this program and proud to be able to offer a program like no other.Please spread the word by word of mouth, sharing this message, mentioning the program in your blogs, websites, journals, etc… Again, I will be happy to provide details via email. I’d like a small group of 20. This program truly is like no other. I will be facilitating and I will have an amazing licensed therapist as a recurring guest and to refer members to as needed.

  • Pippy Longstocking

    i really struggle with being compassionate to my H “mom”. the older i get, the angrier i feel about how she treated all of us. it is not just the hoarding in itself, it is the cruel heart she carries around with her to get her needs met. i know this is all in the past, but i can’t seem to get through this (there is a big iron wall surrounding my heart when it comes to her).
    i think she has more then just hoarding as an issue, it seems there are other things making things worse. she blames everyone for her issues and never helps anyone but herself. she even blamed me for my brother who beat and molested me (and my sister) often. there is so much more then hoarding going on with her.
    i just want to know how to accept what is and move on.

    • Heather Z

      Hi Pippy, Have you looked into Maternal Narcissism?

      • Pippy Longstocking

        thank you, yes, i just looked it up, and she has all but 3 of the traits listed. a couple were kinda iffy too, but all and all, it fit more then anything. thank you. Now the big Q is, what do i do with this information? time will tell. :/

        My mother is very ill right now and i have the temptation to go visit, but i know, somehow, she will suck me into whatever (i don’t know how she does it), and i will go home feeling like a pile of stinky. so frustrating.

        the pain of the childhood never goes away. the emptiness, the worthlessness. sure is a hard battle. I know she is not like this on purpose; i wish to show her love, but she cannot receive it. I tried to talk to her a couple years back, but that proved fruitless and painful. now we don’t speak at all and now my dad has turned his back on me too because i don’t visit or call. i can’t do it! so much pain.

        thank you for sharing. this is such a lonely place, all i ever needed/wanted from her was a single hug saying, i love you. nothing more. that will never happen.

        thanks again,

  • Ashley

    Please help our cause: http://www.gofundme.com/hoardinghelp