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For Hoarders

New In-Person Support Group for Hoarders!
Buried in Treasures Workshop by Lightening the Load

Sheltering Tree Church,5025 N Market, Spokane, WA 99217

This workshop is a designed to be a Facilitated Self-Help group (FiSH) for people whom hoard/clutter. The group will meet for 15 sessions to discuss the text, “Buried in Treasures” (Tolin, Frost, & Steketee, 2007),check in on individual progress, challenges, successes and goals.
More information


Hoarding Community Yahoo Group (formerly Hoarding & Cluttering) Since 1999.  Read this important information regarding support groups.

Messiness & Hoarding (run by Messies Anonymous). Since 2000-2,500 members.

Stepping Out of Squalor community of support (formerly the Squalor Survivor Site Discussion Forums).  110,000+ posts-9,000 members.

Reclaiming Dignity

This site exists for the sole purpose of providing information for hoarders, squalorers, messies, clutterers, and the chronically disorganized. There are also resources for loved ones.

Help! I’m a Hoarder

Share your fears and success stories with other women who understand just how hard it is to overcome hoarding. Develop and share your vision of what you want your home to look like. Share in a judgment-free zone where we can unload some of the emotional burden that goes with this problem. We can tackle this together!

Serenity Bay-Hoarding
This is an exclusive group for women hoarders who are trying to understand their illness. It is a closed group for those who are struggling and dealing with their issues. There are many aspects, which contribute to this psychological illness.

If you don’t own the problem you will never recover. This is about obsession recovery from our stuff, it is intertwined with many other factors. We are here for Fun, Christian Fellowship and Encouragement. I am not an expert in the field but a fellow traveler who is trying to find recovery and looking for friendship.

Rest assured, you are not alone. If you have trouble making decisions on where to start and what to toss, you have come to the right place. Let’s work together on downsizing and tossing our clutter. “Less is More”…our vision is to have homes that are “User Friendly” and “Company Ready” at all times.

This will be a safe place to vent and share our journey.

Online Group and Phone Counseling


Beth Johnson of The Clutter Workshop in Connecticut has lots of experience counseling hoarders over the phone (Some clients do once a week or twice-per-month coaching; in other cases they have it worked it out so that she touches base twice-per-week for shorter periods of time.) , and she runs a private online group for them as well.

Beth has studied under Dr. Randy Frost who is THE expert on compulsive hoarding and the pioneer in its research, since 1985. Dr. Frost even wrote a forward about her qualifications in an ebook she has available on her site with some really great tools/tips in it for hoarders.

Her personal coaching page can be found:

The online class/private support group is:


Phone Counseling


Henriette Kellum in VA. (Formerly an APS worker who handled all the hoarding cases for a couple decades.) Now retired from that, she offers phone counseling to hoarders.



Clutterers Anonymous; A twelve-step program for clutterers and hoarders, similar to Alcoholics Anonymous. Information about local meetings and phone-in meetings.

FlyLady.net; Many swear by FlyLady for being the one thing that gave them the structure and motivation to get their homes clean and organized and more importantly, keep them that way.

Hoarders.org; Bay Area Resources for Extreme Hoarding Behavior & lots more information.

Messies Anonymous; Sandra Felton’s web site. Similar approach to FlyLady.net, but toned down for those of us who are easily over-stimulated. Offers specific steps to get started and links to various Messies Anonymous Yahoo support groups, as well as lots of other good resources.

National Association of Professional Organizers, Information for the general public about the organizing profession, including what organizers do, what to look for when considering hiring an organizer and a referral form.

Institute for Challenging Disorganization, formerly: National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization; Primarily geared toward organizers and related professionals who are committed to working with the chronically disorganized population. “Publications” and “Resources” pages contain information for the general public.

OrganizedHome.com; Articles, tips, recipes. Wide breadth of information for everyone from super-organized neat-niks to the organizationally challenged messies among us.

Squalor Survivors; A great source of information for those who are dealing with severe cluttering issues.


Helpful Books


Attention Deficit Disorder

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Cleaning, How-To

Conquering Clutter




Understanding Compulsive Hoarding & Worksheets


Do you know about a group that should be listed here?
Please let us know by posting below.

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  • Kristi Meyer

    I am a Certified Professional Organizer, hold all Level I Certificates from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) and level II Specialist in Chronic Disorganization & Hoarding.  I have been given the go ahead  to use Buried in Treasures and the accompanying workbook for a virtual hoarding group.  The program will be basically “doing the book.”  I am going to have a message board for members to converse, a 1 hour webinar for the group weekly and the option of emailing me once a week.  The program will last for 6 months.  Debbie Stanley will be a guest therapist and we will cross-refer as needed.  I believe the program is going to be great. 

    “Compassionate Help for Compulsive Hoarding.” Coming to “The House that Clutter Built” with Kristi Meyer, CPO® & Level II ICD Hoarding and Chronic Disorganization specialist, in February: New Virtual Membership Group for people who hoard. The membership group is titled “Compassionate Help for Compulsive Hoarding.”I will be accepting email requests at messwithus@comcast.net for questions and pre-sign up. This will be a time-released group. If you or someone you know wants help, the first group will begin in February. The next group would start up in April.  I’m really excited about this program and proud to be able to offer a program like no other.Please spread the word by word of mouth, sharing this message, mentioning the program in your blogs, websites, journals, etc… Again, I will be happy to provide details via email. I’d like a small group of 20. This program truly is like no other. I will be facilitating and I will have an amazing licensed therapist as a recurring guest and to refer members to as needed.