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Yahoo Group: Posting Guidelines

(Slides 8-10 of Group Welcome Slideshow)

The focus of our group is on children of hoarders and the challenges they face as a result of that status. Off-topic or abusive posts are discouraged, and members who persistently post disruptive, abusive, off-topic posts will be asked to leave the group at the discretion of the moderators.

Certain topics are viewed as particularly problematic, including politics and some types of religious discussion. Individuals wishing to share ideas on such topics are asked to do so off-board privately.

Recognizing that religious perspectives sometimes play an important role in the COH experience, please see the next slide about “Religious Posts,” for guidelines to help to decide whether specific religious content will be considered “on-topic” for our boards, and therefore acceptable for general posting.

In general, however, we ask that members assume that good intentions motivate the postings of other members, and that they are civil to each other when controversy or misunderstanding arises.

When a member feels that someone is ignoring the posting guidelines or is being inappropriate or disruptive, they are encouraged to attempt to resolve the issue privately and directly with the other member or to seek the private assistance of a moderator BEFORE submitting complaints to the entire group.


In the COH Group, we understand that we all have things that we feel very strongly about, as well as our own “hot buttons.” Please avoid flaming (personal abusive attacks intended to incite, degrade, make fun of another person or their ideas with no positive outcome).

Please respect other people’s right to have to their own opinion just as you have your opinion. The group moderators should be contacted if you cannot resolve the issue privately with another member.

We respectfully repeat, disagreements between members should *not* be posted for board discussion.

-Because emotions, inflections, humorous intents and lightheartedness are difficult to convey through posts, we suggest the following when reading and posting:

“Assume Good Faith” & “Remain Civil.”

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