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Yahoo Group: Welcome & Info.

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Slide Summary
1 Welcome
2 “If You Want To Give Something Power, Keep It A Secret.”
3 Looking forward to Meeting You
4 Who We Are
5 Please Don’t Apologize For Long Posts
6 Don’t Try To Absorb Everything At Once
7 Confidentiality Agreement
8 Group Posting Guidelines
9 Religious Posts
10 Other Considerations For The Group In General
11 Get Started!
12 Getting Too Many Group Messages?
13 What’s Trimming Messages All About?
14 The “Subject” Line Doesn’t Match What The Message Is About
15 Searching Message Archives By Topic, Member Name, Post #
16 Photo Albums
17 Poll Section
18 New To Groups? Here’s A Little Abbreviation Guide
19 Emoticons
20 From the Yahoo Groups Help Site
21 Privacy, Members, and Identity
22 Unsubscribing
23 Contact Group Moderators
24 COH Library/Bookstore
25 Things (just a few) We’ve Found Many COH Have In Common
26 Things (just a few) We’ve Found Our Parents Have In Common
27 Vocabulary Terms relating to Compulsive Hoarding
28 Vocabulary Made Up In The Group By Members
29 Vocabulary Made Up In The Group By Members & Commonly Used
30 W.U.E.D.
31 J.A.D.E. (Don’t do it!) *NEW*
32 What Is COHUGET?
33 COHUGET, Cont.
34 On Guilt
35 Summary on Guilt Wallet Card
36 P.I.S.S.
37 What’s COHWHAMMIE? (Note: Huge typo on this slide-will fix soon)
38 COH-Jitsu
39-43 Wonderful Strangers
44 A Few Non-Affiliated Sites/Blogs/Other
45 What kind of gifts to give a Hoarder?
46 Crisis Cleaning Advice
47-48 Traits of Adult Children of Alcoholics
49-51 Your Personal Bill of Rights
52 Humor, About Use Of It In Group
53 You Might Be A Hoarder If, by norsefoxworthy
54 COH Designed Hoarder’s Convention
55 It’s OK To Laugh, When You Can No Longer Cry
56 The End
57 Attached YouTube video: General Info

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