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  • Researcher on OCD

    Hello, I’m a student at Raffles College of Design and Commerce.
    I’m currently pursuing my Master’s degree. Being a research student, I research
    on hoarders as a part of my assignment. I’d like to get some information which
    helps me compile material.

    What was your reaction when you first got to
    know that your parent was a Hoarder?

    What was the impact on your social life?

    How did OCD impact on your parent’s health and
    other relatives?

    Did you try to get help from any organization?

    • child of a hoarder

      1. I first noticed my mom was a hoarder when I asked her to give some of my toys away and she said okay…. It was sitting in my room for 2 yrs…..Finally I took it to my neighbor…. I told my mom what I did and she went to that neighbor and took it and shoved it into a car that we don’t EVER drive anymore
      2. OH MY GOD……YES IT DOES, I have never been able to have a sleep over at my own house….. I can never invite even my closest friend to do the simplest thing like have a water balloon fight because there is no place to dry off.
      3. Not comfortable even starting that story
      4. No….there is no point because at the end of the day she wont change