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Vocabulary: Hoarding/Related

Terms COH made up by members in our online support group:

COH™: “Children of Hoarders“

• “Clean Hoard” A term we came up with for hoarding situations that don’t have the animal/human waste…or where our parents don’t necessarily let the dirty dishes pile up, let the litter boxes overflow, keep their bathrooms as clean as they can, etc. They just have a TON of STUFF.

“Dirty Hoard” A term we call the opposite of ‘clean hoard’-which sometimes may include their personal hygiene practices as well.

HP: Hoarding Parent

Shared by a group member:

• J.A.D.E., Don’t Do It
You do not need to Justify, Argue, Defend or Explain (shared with our group by a wise member. Read more about JADE at the Alanon Forums.

Hoarding-related terms/other terms you’ll hear kicked around:

• A.P.S. Adult Protective Services

• CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is designed to break two types of associations that occur in OCD: The association between objects and situations that cause distress, the association between carrying out ritualistic behavior to decrease distress. A method of therapy for treating Hoarding. The goal is to demonstrate we can have thoughts and experience distress without participating in rituals (rituals are
“banned” for full immersion in anxiety without losing control or “having to shut anxiety down.” This is to show rituals are short term anxiety relievers that in fact increase obsessions, and that rituals are not the only way to decrease anxiety.

• Churn/Churning: The act of moving things around and not getting rid of anything

• C.P.S.: Child Protective Services

D.H.S./D.H.H.S.: Department of Health (DHHS=Dept. Health & Human Services)

• Exposure (E.R.P.=Exposure Response/Ritual Prevention)
A procedure/therapy technique in which you are purposely confronted with objects or situations that
promote distress and stay in those situations without performing rituals (“banned”) long enough for anxiety to decrease by itself.

Habituation-The process of learning to tolerate an anxiety-producing situation through exposure.

P.O.A.: Power of Attorney

SUDS Levels-Subjective Units of Distress. “Anxiety temperature.” A way of measuring the anxiety levels from 1-10 (re:
hoarding; while discarding or at place of acquisition.)

Do you know of a term that would be helpful to add here?  Please post it below!

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  • Motherp1960

    Crapwalk: to navigate in a sidling manner (as a crab would do a crabwalk) through the narrow goat paths common to a hoarded home

    Craptivation:  the sense of enthrallment that a hoarder experiences when observing a worthless item that they wish to add to their hoard or when observing the immensity of the hoard itself.

  • Motherp1960

    Encrapsulation: the hoarder’s technique of burrowing a single-person-sized niche within the contents of a fully hoarded room so as to create the illusion (delusion?) that the room is “usable”

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  • Lynniac

    “Crap-Alanche” = Use caution when opening a cabinet, closet, fridge, or any type of door accessed by Hoarder! You may be struck by falling items at any time because the hoarder just crams them full of crap without understanding the concept of cause and effect. An avalanche of crap! Crap-Alanche that physically injures you or requires lengthy clean up are the worst. For example, my brother opened my hoarding mother’s kitchen pantry and a glass bottle of teriyaki sauce (she lost the cap and neither refrigerated or covered it) fell and broke, spilling all over the random pots and pans and leaving glass and mess all over the floor, all while trying to make dinner. I cannot take credit for this word but heard many years ago, and all of us COH use it to describe the situation.

  • Lynniac

    “Sh!t-Shuffling” = the same as “Churning”, but can be more frantic. For example, years ago when my mother would still occasionally invite people over, a day or so before hand my bro, sis and I would have to frantically try to make the downstairs presentable by sh!t – shuffling all the random clutter away & attempt to clean/sanitize months of grime in minutes, all while my hoarding mother yells/blames/character attacks us. #@$!!