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Support Group on Yahoo!

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Vocabulary by Group Members

COHWHAMMIE, (COH Whose Hope At Miraculous Mess Improvement Expired) Created by a member: …”Have you hit the wall with your hoarder? Have you given it everything you have and you are done, finished, through, exhausted, over? You aren’t alone. Some of us are there already, and we’re waiting to let you know that it’s okay. Sometimes …

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Vocabulary: Hoarding/Related

Terms COH™ made up by members in our online support group: • COH™: “Children of Hoarders“ • “Clean Hoard” A term we came up with for hoarding situations that don’t have the animal/human waste…or where our parents don’t necessarily let the dirty dishes pile up, let the litter boxes overflow, keep their bathrooms as clean as …

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Yahoo Group: Confidentiality Agreement

To all members of the COH Group: The moderators of this group do their best to make sure this is a safe place to share, and that all members are children of hoarders or spouses of children of hoarders only. Despite our best efforts, we cannot gurantee that status is true for all our members. …

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Yahoo Group: Posting Guidelines

GROUP POSTING GUIDELINES (Slides 8-10 of Group Welcome Slideshow) The focus of our group is on children of hoarders and the challenges they face as a result of that status. Off-topic or abusive posts are discouraged, and members who persistently post disruptive, abusive, off-topic posts will be asked to leave the group at the discretion …

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Yahoo Group: Welcome & Info.

Alternate link to view slideshow Click on “full” icon above to enlarge screen for best viewing Click grey arrows or margins to advance between slides Slide Summary 1 Welcome 2 “If You Want To Give Something Power, Keep It A Secret.” 3 Looking forward to Meeting You 4 Who We Are 5 Please Don’t Apologize …

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  • Wen_dandy

    Please help me anybody I’ve red all this info and I’m still at a loss my husbands mother
    ? is a border and an animal border we have offered help trying to not apply negative pressure but this is the kicker her problem has taken over not only her home but MINE as well she owns our hone and so assumes she can place her items here as well we cannot use our garage or attic due to b
    both areas being clogged with items she refuses to move and refuses to let us move. what do I do I’m a prisoner in my own home with no where to store my belongings.

  • Acterry81

    Has anyone had to have their hoarder parent move in with them? How do you deal with them the hoard and refusal to get help?

    • Ty Davis

      I moved my mom in my apt in 2008 because i couldnt afford to pay her rent

  • Emm

    Are you a hoarder or a shopaholic? Is your hobby or your shopping habit taking
    over your home?
    The award-winning Twenty Twenty Television wants to hear from collectors and shopaholics, and those close to them, for a new series of the Channel 4 show, The Hoarder Next Door.
    We are looking for people whose collecting and buying has become out of hand and could benefit from the services we provide!

    Do you buy things to excess? For example shoes, kitchen utensils, clothes, books or themes such as cats or movie memorabilia. Do you need help organizing?

    If you would like to take part or just find out more please contact:
    Tel: 020 7424 7720 or email hoarding@twentytwenty.tv

    We will keep your data securely and we will not pass your information on to any third parties who are not involved in the production without your consent.

  • learningtodeal

    Hi! I do not know if this is the right place to ask this or not. My Mother passed away last October and we want to put her house on the market. It is a disaster from the years of hoarding, and lack of cleaning and disrepair etc. It is in a beautiful neighborhood with with very high home values. We have gone through and grabbed most valuables and need to have an estate sale for some very nicew things that are left. My question though is when we have an appraisal done should we bother doing a serious deep clean? The house is so neglected that there is no way we can even afford to make any improvements. We do not expect to get even a 1/5 of what a properly maintained home would get, but we are not sure what is worth doing and what is not. Does anyone have any insight or experience with this?

  • Patty

    I just know that this group will help me find a way to forgive my stepmother who was the hoarder in my and my sister’s life, and who made indelible marks on my life. i still struggle with the PTSD that her hoarding and cruelty caused from my childhood.

  • kj

    I just want to get this off my heart. My mother hoards and has done so for well over 40 years, she blames me for her non existent relationship with her grandchildren. Obviously, they can’t visit her and I have offered on numerous occasions for her to come over at a reasonable time to visit with them due to her paranoia she will not come unless it is dark out. My son behaves very similar to her and finds her too child like in her behavior. I attribute this to her lack of social interaction. In short I am tired of being blamed for a relationship she does not foster and her questioning my parenting skills because he does not like her. It’s hard to tell an eleven year old to respect their elder when they don’t show respect in return.