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Support Group on Yahoo!

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In-Person Support Groups for COH

Are you interested in attending or starting an in-person support group for COH in your area? (There are no formal protocols, procedures, or literature for setting up a support group for COH…yet.) Group Leaders: Thank you for your willingness to help and reach out to other COH! Group Attendees: Congratulations to you for reaching out …

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All Family/Friends

Friends of Hoarders (FOH)-851 members, since 2001. Friends-Family-Hoarders-Clutterers-288 members, since 2001. Overcoming Hoarding Together (OHT)-130 members, since 2006. For spouses, partners, significant others: Mates of Messies-800+ members, since 2000. Do you know about a group that should be listed here? Please let us know by posting below.

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For COH & Their Spouses

In-Person AZ, Tempe: The purpose of the Children of Hoarders Support Group is to offer a safe environment where persons who have been negatively affected by the hoarding behaviors of their parent or … MI, Ann Arbor: 1st Friday of every month, 7:00 p.m. Trinity Lutheran Church 1400 W. Stadium Bvd. Contact: Elizabeth 734-997-9688   …

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For Hoarders

New In-Person Support Group for Hoarders! Buried in Treasures Workshop by Lightening the Load Sheltering Tree Church,5025 N Market, Spokane, WA 99217 This workshop is a designed to be a Facilitated Self-Help group (FiSH) for people whom hoard/clutter. The group will meet for 15 sessions to discuss the text, “Buried in Treasures” (Tolin, Frost, & …

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For Hoarding Tendencies/Clutterers

Fly Lady (Finally Learning to Love Yourself) This site will help with establishing household routines & more!  Start with their BABY STEPS.    A very supportive online community for those stepping out of squalor, messiness and/or cluttering.     Unclutterer is the blog about getting and staying organized. A place for everything, and everything in its …

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