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HTF’s in The News

Hoarding Task Forces, in the news (past articles):

Beach identifies hoarders, helps them overcome compulsion
The Virginian Pilot, By Susan E. White, May 29, 2007

Marin County Task Force on Hoarding
“More to hoarding than just clutter”, Oakland Tribune, ┬áMay 14, 2007 , by Paul Liberatore

Grabbing hoarding by the horns
(Orange County, CA) By FRANK MICKADEIT, October 25, 2006

Hoarder’s Eviction Didn’t Violate Rights, Judge Rules
Arlington, VA-By Brigid Schulte, Washington Post Staff Writer, July 27, 2006
(See similar story-abcnews.com)

Fighting to Remain Engulfed in Junk
As Task Forces Move In, Hoarders Strike Back in Court
By Brigid Schulte, Washington Post Staff Writer, June 18, 2006

Arlington is defending the actions
of its Hoarding Task Force, a group charged with removing stockpiles of materials from apartments and homes that present dangers to residents.
by David Francis, The Examiner, July 26, 2006

Stockpiling Run Rampant
(Fairfax, VA), By Timothy Dwyer, Washington Post, December 8, 2005

Social Workers Hope to Coordinate Treatment of Hoarders
By Cameron W. Barr, Washington Post Staff Writer, June 16, 2005

Task Force (NY) Seeks to Help Compulsive Hoarders
NPR:by Margot Adler, Morning Edition, January 22, 2004

So Much Clutter, So Little Room: Examining the Roots of Hoarding
New York Times, By NINA BERNSTEIN, Published: December 31, 2003

Task Force Tries to Save Those Who Save Too Much

University of Kansas School of Social Welfare Office of Aging and Long Term Care Report, 2007:
Second, we communicated with key informants from hoarding task forces
around the country to identify innovative protocols and state or local codes that have shown to be effective in assisting older adults who hoard to maintain community tenure.

Canada: Findings from Interviews and Focus GroupsCommunity Response to Hoarding

Los Angeles Hoarding Task Force
Marin County Hoarding Task Force
Orange County Task Force on Hoarding
San Diego Hoarding Coallition
San Francisco Compulsive Hoarding & Cluttering Project
SF Hoarding & Cluttering Resource List
SF Institute on Compulsive Hoarding & Cluttering
San Francisco-Hoarding Task Force

Boston Hoarding Task Force is chaired by Ruth Harel of the Boston Housing Court Tenancy Preservation program. rharel@baycove.org.
Beverly, MA Hoarding Task Force
Newton Hoarder’s Task Force
Northhampton Hoarding Task Force
Sharon does not have a formal task force, but, depending on the case, Sheila Miller, Town Nurse, will work with the MSW, fire, police and building inspector and other outside agencies. Sheila Miller | smiller@townofSharon.org
Western Massachusetts Hoarding Task Force


Contact the county’s Department of Health and Human Services or hhsmail@montgomerycountymd.gov

NEW: El Paso’s newly-formed Hoarding Task Force held its first meeting

Fairfax County Virginia Hoarding Task Force

Washington State Hoarding Task Force

Hoarding UK is looking to create a collaborate group of relevant participants who together will work to create a ‘Hoarding Task Force’ at local level throughout the UK.

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