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What We Love About Them

Sent in to the COH Site…

1. The appreciation instilled in me for things that are made by hand.
-daughter of a hoarder

2. Learning from my mother to have compassion for animals.
-daughter of a hoarder

3. My mother’s love of art and creativity.
-daughter of a hoarder

4. This form was submitted: Apr 16 2010 /
Despite her hoarding she loved me, taught me to read and write before kindergarten took me to ballets, classical concerts, live theatre, good restaurants, and family holidays we pleasant. She was well bred, well read, nothing else wrong with her head. ‘nuf said

This form was submitted: Apr 27 2010 / 09:01:54
My father is a genius and he can do anything-carpentry, cooking, art, music, computer programming, furniture restoration…I admire and respect him but he just can’t take the trash out. Ever.

This form was submitted: Apr 26 2010 / 20:36:12
My mother taught me to be independent.

This form was submitted: Apr 18 2010 / 19:07:31
My mom taught me that everything has a value. Save it and you might need it one day.

This form was submitted: Jul 21 2010 / 06:16:19
My mom will drop anything and help anybody out when they need her. This is actually part of the problem, though.

This form was submitted: Jun 19 2010 / 02:21:30
17 plane rides in two years, 20 trips to the GoodWill and two dumpsters to clean out her house. We wrestled over every matchbook and marble, but during the painful process,I got to hear about every memory of her life.

This form was submitted: Jun 04 2010 / 12:21:44
my mom although too old now for the internet, cares to keep informed about anything and everything- a true passion for information. She raised us by herself and gave all the love she had.

This form was submitted: May 31 2010 / 20:13:28
My Mother made sure I went to church every Sunday. Church that got me through my teen years and is still a big part of my life.

This form was submitted: May 28 2010 / 13:43:10
My mother is an example to me to be unselfish at every opportunity, to clear up anger immediately rather than to stack it in the basement of my soul, and always a reminder that resentment and revenge are a neverending investment when you give in to them. She came through for me in surprising ways sometimes and I know that I would just love to live with her in the real world.

This form was submitted: May 19 2010 / 11:11:15
Her passion

This form was submitted: May 18 2010 / 10:55:40
Being brought on lots of outings / holidays as a child because my parents just couldn’t handle being at home. And were also genuinely interested in going places, seeing things.

This form was submitted: May 09 2010 / 22:54:47
I learned to hold myself with dignity, respect and humility. My mother taught me to love and care for animals, and a compassion that I have never seen matched. She is brilliant, and more generous than any person I have ever met. I know my mother loves me more than life itself. Her latest lesson is Courage as WE seek treatment for her condition and she enter the great unknown, and faces her inner demons…And I promised her that I will be her strength when she needs it, and her patience when she tantrums.

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  • Sean_Stout2001

    That she never kept a bad thought in her head for more than a minute.  She would help anyone at anytime.  That is also part of the problem.

  • Karl

    Let’s give our parents some love. While we obviously have issue with what they do, they have some redeeming qualities.