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Media Requests

Thank you for your interest in COH!

For media requests, please contact:


Anderson Cooper Show, “Hoarders & How To Free Yourself From Clutter


MI Association of Code Enforcement Officers


OCD Foundation Michigan
October 6, 2007, 11:30-3:00 p.m: Rainbow Luncheon, Warren, MI
Featured Speaker:  Elizabeth Nelson
“Children of Hoarders:  The View From The Other Side”

News-Media-Educational Videos

Pictures that Nelson showed Newschannel 3 of the inside of her mother’s home show the disturbing and complex issues associated with the disease. Trash is piled so deep that her parent’s basement can no longer be used. Upstairs, the family room that was once a place for the family to get together is now off limits to anyone except Nelson’s mother and father.

“I realized that my mother had completely blocked my father’s access to a bathroom in the house,” said Nelson. “It’s a complicated story, but he was using a portable urinal in the living room, and talking to her she seemed to rationalize, this was perfectly okay.”



Print Media

July 29, 2010

10/20, 2009


Requests for interviews with COH or other family members of hoarders can also be posted on our public Facebook page:

Also, you can post a comment in the box below for all who visit this page to see.

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  • admin

    Posted on the COH Facebook page 2/28/11:

    “Hi all! I am casting the hit show “CLEAN HOUSE” on Style! We are looking for families who own their home in the NYC Tri-state area who have a lot of clutter that needs to go! To be considered please email CastCleanHouse@gmail.com recent photos, and contact info (cell and email) Thanks!”

  • admin

    Sent to info@childrenfhoarders.com:

    I’m casting Season 2 of “Enough Already! with Peter Walsh” on OWN- the Oprah Winfrey Network…


    – Is clutter taking over all the spaces in your life- your home? Your office? Or yet… another storage unit?

    – Despite your best efforts, do you feel like you have lost control to a growing clutter problem?

    – Have you given up and are now ready for guidance from organizational guru, Peter Walsh?

    Enough Already! with Peter Walsh – a series for OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network – is looking for participants who are finally ready to say goodbye to chaos and clutter, and hello to an organized and healthy way of living.


    1. Live within a 30 mile radius of the Los Angeles area.

    2. Available to participate for one week sometime between mid-April to late June 2011.

    To be considered, please provide the following information.
    Contact information
    Description of your clutter and situation (250 words or less)

    Please email everything to: bigfishcasting@mac.com

    All information is confidential and will only be shared with the program producers.

  • COH in the UK-
    BBC Documentary seeking COH participants:

  • To Media:
    We now maintain a list of children of hoarders encompassing many different COH-experiences who would be willing to be interviewed and appear in print and video.  Please contact us at info@childrenofhoarders.com if interested.

  • Anna

    How do you help a hoarder that is indangering lives. Please help.

    • Tc_jj

      Check the Resources page on this site for some info/links. If there are kids involved and you are concerned about their safety/welfare, you could call the local child welfare agency and file a report. Good luck and let us know how things turn out, if you want to.

  • Generalstore213

    I am the daughter of a hoarder, but it is to late for him. He died 01/07/2012.
    Now I am left to clean it up, I have some help from friends & family. But what
    I don’t have is a truck & a place to haul off all that I can’t sell or give away.
    I live in Homer, Louisiana. I have filed 4 trash cans + extra every week since
    Thanksgiving. Also someone is hauling off all metal items. I have a little more
    in the house to do, then I have to work on the Attic, 2 car garage & 2 car
    carport & storage shed & 2 acre yard. generalstore213@att.net

    • He Generalstore213,
      My condolences on the loss of your father.

      I’m sorry you are now facing the task of cleaning things out.
      Is it ok for me to post a  request for a truck and dumping help for you wherever I can? Donna