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Fun & Games While Crisis-Cleaning

Yes, that’s right-that’s what we said! Not to make light of this task lots of us have awaiting us…but, when you can’t cry anymore,,,

The COH Playlist
Songs to Crisis Clean-Out by, sent in by COH site visitors

 ”Everything is Broken,” Bob Dylan

”United States of Whatever” (sassy & sarcastic enough for the job), Liam Lynch

 ”You Can’t Touch This” (oh YES you CAN! (now), MC Hammer

 ”Roll With The Changes” (because that’s what’s going on and it’s good!), REO Speedwagon

”Here Comes The Sun,” The Beatles – From Sloan Bio Recovery

Ob La De Ob La Di” (upbeat, up tempo) – Beatles

“Hit the Road Jack ” by Ray Charles could also be sung as, ” Hit the Road JUNK and don’t you come back no more , no more !”


Find something Veeeery Interesting while cleaning out?

”Letter my sister wrote Santa on behalf of us both, with the worst spelling I’ve seen in my life! (She’s going for her Master’s now, so kind of funny), handmade cards professing how great I am from a brother I barely talk to now.”  

”Newspapers from late 1800s from grandparents’ hoard.”

Entire dead, intact mouse in wine bottle.”

”A 5-foot-long shed snakeskin fell on top of my sister-in-law’s head!! After much frenzied investigation of what type of snake could be in the house and what kind of gear and traps we might need (there are some good ones with glue that can be left to dissolve elsewhere with water or oil if you are inclined to relocate a helpful rodent-eating species), we learned that my parents had brought the skin into the house from my grandmother’s. What a relief!”

”My husband and I cleaned out my mom’s apartment and found $2021.63 worth of change that we picked up off the floor.”

”I thought finding cartons of eggs dated from the 70s that were full cartons mind you was bizarre and they were so old, that they were totally empty eggs in intact shells—they did not even smell anymore.”

”Two full skeletons of squirrels in Dad’s bedroom. Only bones, tiny little white bones with teeth and lots of evidence of fly reproduction. I knew I smelled something 7 years ago when I visited.” .

”Bathtub full of used Depends.”

”While cleaning out my grandma’s bedroom, under the bed, (finally) Roughly 50 pictures of Jesus and one Playgirl magazine  from 1985 with Charlie Sheen.”

“Found in mudroom of my mother’s hoarded apartment: two large dairy buckets full of several year-old unprocessed beeswax, complete with dead bee corpses and bee excrement…she said she was going to make candles out of it someday.”

What did/would/will you have on your playlist?
Got games you recommend to play during?
Find something weird?

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