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Lost (important) Documents

“A little FYI, birth certificates can be ordered from the town hall where your parents were living when born. They usually require a letter of request from the person, and probably a copy of a photo ID.

“Your parents probably also need to ask for a certified copy (which has a special seal on it) in order to get a passport. I’ve done this a few times (my mom lost my original birth certificate) and I needed a copy for my drivers permit, license, passport, etc. Give the town hall a call,
ask for the records department and ask them what you need to do.

“Also in regards to a passport, they usually take like 6-8 weeks or so, but they can be received in a few days through some express service you pay extra for. I think sometimes the express service is only available if you go to a post office in a large city to turn in your application, but once again, call to find out.”

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