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Floors & Carpeting

“Once you start getting down to the floor in a room, the carpet and the curtains need to come out. Everything that isn’t metal will reek, including some of the wood. If you need to buy some cheap garbage curtains while you finish the clean out, it’s better than leaving the stinky ones up. Getting the carpet out helps a lot.”

”If there have been spills that haven’t been cleaned up, and of course there will be, the carpet pad may have sort of melted to the floor. It will tear and stick to the floor. I recommend leaving it alone for a while and waiting until it dries up. Once it is dry, rubbing it with the sole of a tennis shoe should get the pad to disintegrate into little foam rubber balls which can be easily swept up.”

”The carpet will probably need to come out. It will probably be really smelly. A carpet knife is a great addition.”

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