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Bags & Containers

Bags and plastic containers

“For most of the sorting, I’d suggest plastic bags in three colors: black for true garbage, blue for give-away, and clear or white for stuff you think you want to keep or sell. (Clear is good, if you can find them in large sizes; I think that if you search online you could find them. It would be worth the expense because you can see what’s in the bag without having to open and rifle through it.) Get strong, reinforced bags so you can put lots of stuff in them.”

“If you’re trying to organize things, filling plastic storage containers/tubs, go to a craft store like Michaels and get a ‘china marker.’ It’s that waxy kind of pencil that marks on plastic, but not permanently. This is may be a petty thing to think about, but we spent a lot of money on plastic tubs, and it seemed stupid to mark them all permanently.”

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