Apr 24

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Powerful Short Film by a Child of a Hoarder

Part documentary and part performance, The Hoarder’s Daughter provides a compassionate window into the life of a rural hoarder. It explores the death of the videographer’s father and the 800,000 pounds of garbage he left behind. (Running time 10:15)

A note of caution: this video includes images showing the aftermath of a fatal house fire involving a hoard. Some viewers may find the video to be very challenging or triggering to watch.

Many children of hoarders imagine the nightmare scenario of a fire in their parents’ home. Massachusetts artist Phyllis Labanowski faced the experience of that nightmare coming true, and it claimed the life of her father. She has created a powerful short filmThe Hoarder’s Daughter, about her experience, and it is well worth watching to its conclusion. For more information about Phyllis and her works, please visit her website at PhyllisLabanowski.com.

Phyllis tells us that she “would love to continue to get this work out to the people who could use it or benefit from it,” so please feel free to share it with others. If you do share it, please be sure to give Phyllis credit for the video and to include a link to her website at PhyllisLabanowski.com. Thank you!

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  • Tragic beyond

  • Kristine Allcroft

    Well done! Thank you Phyllis for creating such a passionate video that captures the pain – both of the hoarder and the hoarder’s family.

  • JaneStrange

    Thanks Phyllis, for all the children of hoarders, myself included. Thank you, it’s good to know we are not alone in our sorrow for our parents, and the relationship we wished we could have had with them.

  • cath

    Thank you, well done. I hope you are able to find peace. Regardless of the reasons, excuses we find for our parents obsession, ultimately we the children bear the shame the squalor, the mammoth task of cleaning (completely thankless) . Yes they are unwell .. mentally deranged, but so so selfish.

  • Fight the Hoard

    Wow! That is a powerful piece.