Feb 14

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COH Inc. Contributes to New Book

The ICD Guide to Collaborating with Professional Organizers: For Related ProfessionalsWe’re pleased to note that one of our recent posts, “Notes from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization’s 2013 Conference,” has been adapted into an article in the Institute for Challenging Disorganization’s second resource book, The ICD Guide to Collaborating with Professional Organizers for Related Professionals. For more information, see the press release which follows below.



February 14, 2014


New book guides joint efforts of organizers and other professionals

St. Louis, MO – February 14, 2014

“Two heads are better than one” applies in general and even more so when solving complex challenges. People whose disorganization undermines their physical and emotional well-being need the help of a team.  Combining therapeutic and practical help and support from professional organizers, therapists, AD/HD coaches, hoarding task forces, state and local governments, schools, support groups, and clients and their families has proven effective in assisting those who are chronically disorganized. To further the benefits of this approach, the Institute for Challenging Disorganization is releasing its second resource book The ICD Guide to Collaborating with Professional Organizers for Related Professionals.

The book lays the foundation for potent partnerships whether as trusted resources or through integrated treatment efforts. In addition to an explanation of chronic disorganization, the book outlines the benefits of and models for collaborating with trained professional organizers.

The guide itself is a team effort. Several of the more than fifty informative articles have been penned jointly by experienced professional organizers and psychiatrists, psychotherapists, AD/HD coaches, and social workers. The book also provides an in-depth look at real situations through twenty-five case studies.

David F. Tolin, Ph.D., ABPP, Director at the Anxiety Disorders Center at The Institute of Living, says, “Increasingly clients do best when they can benefit from the unique knowledge and skill sets that mental health therapists and professional organizers bring to the table. For mental health practitioners interested in examining Hoarding Disorder and related problems from a new angle, in understanding how professionals from another discipline approach the problem, and in learning how to communicate and collaborate in a multidisciplinary approach to intervention, this book is a must-read.”

Valentina Sgro, President, ICD says, “It is our hope that this book will inspire and facilitate even more collaborative efforts among members of the various professions providing support to the chronically disorganized.”

The book is available through http://www.challengingdisorganization.org/publications/icd-guide-collaborating-professional-organizers for $49.95.

About ICD:

ICD is a non-profit educational organization whose mission is to provide education, research and strategies to benefit people challenged by chronic disorganization. For more information, please visit www.challengingdisorganization.org

Note to Media:

ICD’s President and book contributors are available for interviews.

Media Contact:   Clare Kumar, ICD Media Coordinator

Phone: 1-855-356-3569    Email: media@challengingdisorganization.org


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  • Sea Span

    Bout 2 years back, mom agreed to hire some people who were suggested to us to clean~~a hazmat team. What a joke, it was 900.00 for 6 hour and two women. So really 3 hours each. I know my mom, she has to tell you everything about everything, where it came from, why she loves it, and who should it go to! BS! She’d have a 10 minute story about rotten tomatoes! They were going to talk about each item till the house was empty. How many people have that kind of money? It would take a year! What a rip off! Taking advantage of the Mentally Ill! Ya have to just go in there and dump it all, especially if there are kids. Offer them help after it is clean or take the kids away if they have them. If they love them, they will work to keep them. Incentive and motivation! some folks won’t change and the kids can stay in foster care or whatever, it is better then staying with a hoarder who values the stuff over the kids. Just like they do with animal hoarders, they take all the animals away, why do we value animals over the children!!! I’d rather be put down like an unwanted animal then live like that again!

  • Sea Span

    Women like the one on Anderson Cooper should have her kid taken from the home till it is clean. Sure it takes courage to share your dirty laundry on national TV, but this is child abuse, call it what it is!!! Mental illness is hard I get that. I am not heartless, but this is wrong!